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Since its creation in 1992, and for 18 years, Fundación Rumbos was able to generate the income necessary to finance its operations through Rumbos Translations, which does specialized translations in the marketing field.

The international financial crisis brought about a 50% drop in billings, thus jeopardizing the sustainability of our organization.
The demand for accessibility services in the low-income population has increased significantly over the years. This generated new needs and forced us to seek new sources of financing. For that reason we launched HOMELY, a new enterprise designed to generate funds, linked to our specific mission, by providing accessibility-related solutions to private households.
Surplus revenue is used to:
  • Advise/Counsel and accompany persons with disabilities in the search of solutions to problems caused by the lack of accessibility (According to the World Bank, 80% of persons with disabilities are poor).
  • Influence public policies. With special focus on educational institutions, low-income housing and public spaces, by incorporating accessibility standards in public bids for the construction of buildings, monitoring government policies and programs, and legislative interventions.
  • Provide training in accessibility to professionals in the design and construction fields, through teaching, consciousness raising campaigns and publications in academic and professional media.
Commemorating our 20th Anniversary, we have decided to conduct a campaign targeted to small and medium donors to help us meet our goals.
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