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Rumbos Foundation September 2014 Newsletter


In association with ASOCIACIÓN GRANJA ANDAR, we improved the habitat of persons with disabilities.

We began to promote improvements in the houses of youngsters and adults that work or help out at Granja Andar, a project for persons with intellectual disabilities located in Moreno, Province of Buenos Aires.

During the month of March we began surveying houses presenting the greatest challenges and we designed a work plan to provide technical and financial assistance to families. In early June we worked with the first family to fix the roof of their house. A solidarity loan of AR$5,000 allowed us to buy materials, and the cooperation of neighbors and architect Diana Rodríguez made it possible to organize construction sessions. Three organizations were involved: Institución de Microcrédito (Microcredit Institution), Granja Andar (Andar Farm) and Fundación Rumbos (Rumbos Foundation). After a rainy winter, the joy of the family now living under a will-insulated roof encourages us to continue building a sustainable platform and to offer support to other families. The beneficiary has already began to pay back the first installments of the loan and is intent on collaborating hands-on at the house of another neighbor. 
Commissioned by UNESCO, we researched the physical accessibility of Latin American elementary  schools.
The Regional Office of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean (OREAC) of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) commissioned architect Silvia Coriat, the person in charge of the Accessibility Area at Fundación Rumbos, to draft a document providing an overview of the situation in the region regarding physical accessibility within the framework of inclusive education. The study analyzes the accessibility/ inaccessibility that children with disabilities and their families face during primary school.
This document will be disseminated in the region through UNESCO networks, thus contributing to bring attention to this issue.
We designed inclusive bathroom facilities for COLEGIO JACARANDÁ

This school, located in the City of La Plata, the capital of Buenos Aires Province, is a byword for inclusive education. The institution is young and in full growth. This year, third grade was added and it already has eight children with disability as full-time students. With the opening of the new grade, the school felt compelled to build new bathrooms. In our design, accessibility contemplates the whole sanitary facility and is not just confined to a single space.


We participated in a talk on accessibility hosted by EMA

To commemorate the World Multiple Sclerosis Day on May 28, the International Federation proposed talking about ACCESSIBILITY.

Fundación Rumbos architect Cecilia González Campo took part in the informative talk hosted by EMA (Esclerosis Múltiple Argentina) with her “Access to shared space” speech.
Other topics discussed were “Access to the social environment” by BA Emma Ledesma and “Access to Justice”, by attorneys María Inés Bianco and Leticia Crescentini.

We made the auditorium at UNIVERSIDAD AUSTRAL accessible.
The University turned to us to design a ramp for the auditorium at their Pilar campus. The ramp was inaugurated on June 6 during the 25th World Congress on Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus hosted by APEBI and the International Federation on Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Over 450 attendees –many of them people with disabilities -, relatives, professionals, organization representatives, professors and students participated in the event.

HOTEL VERMONT shows support with a gastronomic initiative.
The hotel is located on downtown Burlington, United States, close to the shores of Lake Champlain. Each Thursday hotel guests can enjoy an Argentinian barbecue, country of origin of some of its investors.
People pass salads and bread back and forth on a long shared table while offered straight from the grill different meat cuts and variety meats selected by the chef based on local availability. Traditional desserts like flan, crepes and dulce de leche put a sweet end to the meal.
A share of the profits raised is earmarked to support the efforts undertaken by Fundación Rumbos to promote accessibility.
Our deepest gratitude to the hosts!
We need your financial support. Together, we can change the reality of persons with disabilities.
With your monthly donation you help …
•Schools provide accessibility to children with physical disabilities.
•Us persuade and assist employers in creating user-friendly work environments for employees with disabilities
•Apartment buildings become accessible.
•Convince architects, constructors and designers to learn inclusive design.
Each contribution counts.
Our wish is that all persons with disabilities be able to lead full lives!


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